Best Business Idea To Quit Your Job in 2020
Is 2020 your year to quit your job and finally start that small business that you've been thinking' about doin' for a really, really long time?

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Business Idea

I love doing it, and I love helping people. Today we're going to talk about some of the most profitable business ideas for 2020, and oh, my God, 2020! I can't even believe it! Now, just a quick note about helping you find your perfect business to start.

So many people talk about, "Follow your passion." Well, that's great and it's sort of true. It is true, you definitely wanna do something you're very passionate about, but that's not the only piece to the equation. You actually do need to do some research and find out if people actually want what you wanna start. So, don't forget that piece.

It isn't all about passion, it also has to be about opportunity, and some of the opportunities that I see being very, very strong in 2020, I'm gonna outline in this article. The first one is an event planner. Now, that's not new. Event planners have been around for a long time, but what I see the trend doing is event planners for kids' events. It is kind of shocking how much money parents are actually willing to pay in order to have these glorious, fabulous events for their children. That market is continuing to grow.

What's that show on TV? Sweet Sixteen? Something like that. That's pretty shocking how much people will spend for their kids. But, anyway, the overall trend is there, it is growing, and it's continuing to take off. I think in 2020, it's a great opportunity if you are organized, and you like kids, and you don't even mind dealing with maybe some parents of spoiled kids, then probably being an event planner for kids' activities is something that you might wanna consider.

Now, along those same lines sort of, is, again, this is another trend is what these all are, trends for 2020, is being a tour guide in your own city or town. This is just takin' off like a rocket. There are various websites that do this.

There's one called Showaround. I believe even TripAdvisor does this, where you as the local in your area, you have all kinds of knowledge of the cool stuff to do. You can sign up through these websites and they will match you with people coming to your city who actually want to hire somebody to take them around and show them cool stuff.

So, maybe you live in an area where they have fabulous hiking, or gorgeous scenery, and you know all the secret spots. Or, maybe you're in a cool city and you know all the great bars, then you can do that, too. So, it's a whole variety of things you can do based on what there is to offer in your town or city.


So, if you connect with those websites, they'll connect you with people and you can make very good money, and there is almost no financial commitment at the start, so the profit margin is huge. More and more of the big travel sites are adding this as a feature to their site, so there's definitely gonna be big growth in this area for 2020.

Examples of website:

Okay, so the next profitable business idea for 2020 is something there's already a trend for. The trend continues to grow, and it's a beautiful thing about today's world with the technology. Almost anybody can do this. If you learn and master a skill and that skill is in high demand, you can do two things with it.

You can either hire yourself out to do that skill, or you can put courses together and teach people how to do it, or you could do both. And again, there's just not a lot of financial commitment. You might have to take some classes in order to master that skill, but other than that, the profit margin is going to be very high.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

The things that come to mind for 2020. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and that goes both for Google techs and also for YouTube article. The more and more people that get into blogging, and vlogging, and articles, the more people need to understand how to get found by the algorithm of YouTube or Google, and the best way to do that is with Search Engine Optimization, and yet so many people are scared of it.

They don't know how to do it. They don't know what to do, so if you become a master at SEO, you can easily hire yourself out, or put out a course on how to do it. Another one that I see ramping up is LinkedIn. Now, of course LinkedIn has been around forever, and a ton of people use it, but it's only really in the last couple of years that people are absolutely turning to LinkedIn for their marketing strategy for their business.

So, if that's something that you are a specialist in, then by all means, get yourself out there, start talking about it, and teach people about it. Pinterest is another one.  Again, it's been around for awhile, but now businesses, even big businesses, are starting to use it to promote their products and get traffic to their own site. If you are a Pinterest expert, you are leaps and bounds ahead of where these businesses are, and trust me when I tell you, "They could use your advice." There's some other ones that I don't even know a lot about.

 I know that people get paid quite a bit of money to design those chatbots that you see on company's websites. So, if you're on someone's website and you have a question, and you're typing it into the person who her name is Julie  Smith, well, chances are that actually is probably a robot that can read and decode your question and then they can answer it, but that takes some programming knowledge. But, if you can get on the ground floor of that, that is relatively new in the big picture of online businesses.

That is going to see huge growth in 2020. All right, similar to mastering a skill, is you can create courses for things that you know and love. Like, are you a fitness expert? Do you love fitness? You don't even need to be certified, you just have to know what you're doing and be good at it, and you can create, again, a YouTube channel or a course on how to become fit. I mean, particularly in January, that's always a huge thing.

So if you could get it up and running, you can get a running head start on making some money on teaching things that you already know, and love, and know how to do. People are more and more turning to learning things online. It's true you could market yourself as a fitness expert in your town or city, but the whole world is opened up for you and if you do it online, you could do live classes online. You can do one-on-one with people.

You could do all kinds of groups. Just by putting it out there on the internet for people to find it, again, like anything, it does take some work to get up and going, and you do have to understand how to market it, but people really are starting to turn into finding the information they need online more than going to a local place to get it. Whether you like that or not, that is just kinda the way it is right now. I'm not talking just about fitness.

You could do this if you're a piano teacher. You could actually teach piano lessons online. Again, very little up front cost, and your profit margin would be very, very high. It used to be people were uncomfortable going to an online class to learn how to play piano or play guitar, but now people are super comfortable with that. The more people are gonna tune into that kinda thing, the more your profits will grow.

All right, the next one is one of those terms that always kinda makes me go, "Huh?" when you ask people, "What do you do?" And their answer is, "I'm a consultant." And you're sitting there looking at him like, "Yeah, so, whaddya do?" Right? I mean, for like a decade I been asking people what do they do, and they say they're a consultant, and I don't know what they do. What that really means is you are taking your knowledge in your field that you've been working in for years, and instead of working for corporate or the local guy down the street, you're your own boss and you just hire yourself out to various corporations when they're looking for that kind of knowledge.

This is huge in the tech world. You could be hired to come setup their entire IT system, for example, or to setup their phone system, or whatever you are an expert in. You can hire yourself out by other companies, because anymore, companies are not super keen on getting more and more employees. If they can hire you as a consultant to, let's say, teach them how to run their social media, there are, the sky's the limit on what you could do as a consultant. Whatever area that you have professional knowledge in, you could turn yourself into a consultant.

You work for yourself, you make your own hours, you pick your own clients, and over time, you're able to make a full-time income just by doing what you already know, and by working for yourself. All right, and this last one I'm throwing in here is kind of a bonus, and I do it with a wee bit of hesitation. All right, you could trade stocks. Now, straight up, I've gotta say, "I don't recommend this for most people." Almost no one should go into trading stocks.

It takes enormous discipline. It takes a pretty good pile of cash to get yourself started, and you've gotta really,  really have a lot of knowledge of the workings and the emotional workings of the stock market. The reason I bring it up for 2020 is there's a lot of play when there's an election going on, and whether you think right now the stock market is too high, well, you can play that by what's called shorting stocks, and kinda complicated, but basically you're gonna be bankin' on the fact that things are gonna go down.

Or if you think, "Hey, this election's gonna keep "that ball rolling all year long," you could buy stocks low and sell them higher, but they're already pretty high, but they could go higher. It is something that I put out there because I do think 2020 with the election is a very good year that stock trading could be very profitable, but it could also be very painful. You decide what you wanna do with that one. Now, I told you about this download that's really going to help you decide if 2020 is the right time for you to start your business.

The link to it is below, and what it is is it's the top ten critical questions that you and only you can answer to determine number one: Do you have a good idea? Is it gonna fly? And number two: Are you actually ready emotionally and financially to take the leap and start your own small business in 2020? Again, a link to that is below. All right guys, I wanna hear from you. What are you thinking about doing for a profitable business for 2020?

Best Business Ideas To Quit Your Job in 2020:- I absolutely, number one, love hearing what you guys wanna do, and I also love helping people get started. So, if you have a question, please put it in the comments. I will answer it and get back to you as soon as I can. If this article helped you a little bit or gave you a little bit of inspiration to actually start that business you've been wanting to start in 2020, please give it a thumbs up. Don't forget to Subscribe, because I come out with new articles every Wednesday. Thank you for reading.
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