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Blogger Label Style in Sky Blue Color

Change Blogger Label Style in Sky Blue Color

  • Go to Layout and click on Add A Widget.
  • Select Labels option.
  • Select Cloud option in the display.
  • Now navigate to template option in the left sidebar.
  • Press Edit HTML button to add this style.
  • Find ]]></b:skin>
  • Copy below code and paste it before the ]]></b:skin>.

Copy the code:

/* cloud label*/
.label-size{background:#08A2FA;border-radius:30px;display:block;float:left;margin:0 3px 3px 0;color:#ffffff;font-size:11px;text-transform:uppercase}
.label-size a,.label-size span{display:inline-block;color:#ffffff;padding:6px 8px;font-weight:bold}

Now Save Template and see your blog it will be added to your blog.

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