Hide/Remove Website URL Field From WordPress Comment Form

Remove or hide URL or website field from comment form.

Today, you will know “How to hide or remove website URL field from WordPress comment form?“. Hide website fields for comments. WordPress remove comment URL without plugin.

It is very important to do this work. Today the number of spam comments is increasing. To protect the website, the URL field must be removed. Here I am going to tell you a very easy way. Through which you can remove the URL field from your comment box.

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Step 1: Current preview of comment form.

Step 2: Goto “cPanel” and click on “File Manager”.

Step 3: Then click on “public_html”.

Step 4: If you are using multi-domain hosting then find your domain folder like “example.com” or find “wp-content” folder.

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Step 5: Now click on “themes” folder.

Step 6: Select your current activated theme on your WordPress blog.

Step 7: After that find “functions.php”.

Step 8: Click right click on “functions.php” and goto “Edit”.

Step 9: Now add this code after last line in “functions.php” file.

Step 10: Copy this code and follow the above step.

add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'website_remove');function website_remove($fields){if(isset($fields['url']))unset($fields['url']);return $fields;}

Step 11: Click on “Save changes” after pasting code.

Step 12: Refresh your “post page” and see the result.

I hope. This information will help you a lot. By following above instructions, you can remove the URL field from your comment form.

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