How To Remove Showing Posts in Label From Blogger?

Remove "Showing Posts in Label".
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Today, you will know how to hide or remove “showing posts in label” option from Blogger website. As we all know, Blogger is such a platform. Which is providing free blogging services. That’s why we have a lot of things that can now be removed from the blogger to enhance more and more for SEO purpose.


Remove or Hide “Showing Posts in Label” From Blogger (Blogspot)

So today I am going to tell some such trick here. Through which you can remove showing posts in the label it. Hope this information will be helpful for you. For more information or to understand better, please see the video below. Thank you.



Follow these steps:

1. Find this code in “Edit HTML”

2. Replace complete this section with below code.

I hope this method will help to sort out this problem How To Remove “Showing Posts in Label” From Blogger?

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