What is Database Schema?

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    What is Database Schema?
    Database Schema
    The schema is an organization or structure for the database, which represents the logical view of the entire database. It shows how the data is organized in the database and how the relationship between them is. Database designers design Schema, so that programmers can easily understand the database and make the database usable. Typically, schema is stored in database dictionaries.

    Explain or define database schema?

    The main purpose of database schema is to identify different tables and fields of each table, and schema also describes how the relationship between tables is. It helps in identifying constraints in the system. Subschema is the subset of the schema, and Subschema also inherits the same property as the schema.

    The schema can be divided into two parts.

    1. Physical schema

    2. Logical schema

    1. Physical schema

    Physical schema defines how data is represented in dbms and how the data is stored?

    2. Logical schema

    This schema defines all the logical constraints that are applied in storing data. A logical schema is a conceptual model of data.

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