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What is Public and Private IP Addresses?

Difference between Public and Private IP Addresses

Private IP Addresses:

When many computers or devices connect either to the cable or to the wireless, they create a private network. Within this network, a unique IP address is assigned to share files and resets to each device. The IP address of all the devices in this network is called private address.

Public IP addresses:

The public IP address is the ISP (Internet Service Provider). This gives your home network an identity in the outside world. This IP address is unique across the Internet.

Public IP address can be static or dynamic. Static public IP address does not change and it is mainly used for accessing a service (such as an IP camera, FTP server, email server or remote access to the computer) or web hosting on the Internet. It has to be bought from ISP.

Dynamic IP address,
on the other hand, receives the IP address available and changes every time it is connected to the Internet. The maximum Internet user has a dynamic IP address for his computer, which is disconnected when disconnected from the Internet and gets a new IP address when reconnected.

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